The New Library

The New Library

Thanks to the MSI AE2220, customers from "The New Library" in Amsterdam (Netherlands) can find all the information they need about audio books. Next to information about authors and speakers, the customers can also search [...]

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GrandStores(GS) Digital

GrandStores(GS) Digital

The user-friendly interface helps to efficiently work at the check-out counter.

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Milan Games Week

Milan Games Week

MSI ha partecipato all'edizione 2015 di Games Week a Milano presentando un gran numero di device orientati al Gaming. Grande l'interesse per gli All-In-One Gaming. In molti hanno cercato senza successo un tower per poi [...]

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MSI recommends Windows.

Reference projects

Alain Afflelou

At the glasses chain store "Alain Afflelou" in France, they have equipped their working stations with the MSI AE2060 All-in-One PC's. They even use the All-in-One PCs as a cash register. The easy-to-use Touch [...]


At Rothballer Electronic Systems, the MSI touch PCs are part of orthopedic foot measurement systems which are used in shoe stores. Thanks to the compact and stylish design, the All-in-Ones are easily integrated into the [...]


ORDIMEMO develop a specific software to help elderly people to use a computer. With the touch interface, they can easily read or send email, share pictures, organize their agenda, find information on internet, listen radios.

Le Meridien

The MSI All-in-One PCs are stationed at the resting area of the International 5 star luxury hotel Le Meridien in Oran, Algeria. Visitors of the hotel can use the MSI All-in-One PCs to surf the [...]
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Auto-Pivot design

The PIVOT stand offers a high degree of flexibility: the display pivots freely, it can be swiveled left or right, and the height and display angle can be adjusted easily. Thanks to the auto screen-rotation function the display can easily be set vertically. The image displayed on the screen automatically changes to the new display position, without needing to make manual adjustments. This feature is perfect for purposes like, artwork, design or reading large text files.

Space saving

MSI All-in-One series are eye-catching with their stylish and space saving designs. The design of the MSI All-in-Ones fits perfectly in your business where it will for sure attract people's attention with it slim body. A great benefit of All-in-One PCs is the integration of the display and computer in one product. This means you will not have the hassle of extra cables laying around in plain sight.

Linux supported

Linux is an open source operating system which can be improved and fixed by any developer with the required skills and willpower. This makes the MSI All-in-One PCs with the Linux operating system ideal for businesses that need the freedom of expansion and technological flexibility.

Power saving

Thanks to several energy-saving technologies unique to MSI, the MSI All-in-One PCs are able to provide overall energy savings of over 70% compared to a conventional desktop PC's. This not only saves your company a lot of money, but it's also good for the environment.
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