Istituto comprensivo di Lammari intitolato a Ilio Micheloni

Istituto comprensivo di Lammari intitolato a Ilio Micheloni

Tanti i prodotti MSI in questa scuola toscana, l'istituto comprensivo di Lammari intitolato a Ilio Micheloni. Non solo All In One ma anche MiniPc per le lavagne multimediali. Una scola veramente all'avanguardia dotata che fa [...]

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Expo 2015

Expo 2015

Expostory è una mostra che ha ripercorso tutte le edizioni dell'esposizione universale dal suo inizio, nel 1851 a Londra, fino al suo futuro, 2020 a Dubai. Il progetto si è svolto in diversi luoghi [...]

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Un All-In-One Gaming Touch è usato in una super attrezzata sala di registrazione di Reggio Emilia, Cambusa. La testimonianza del suo proprietario ci ha reso orgogliosi.

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MSI recommends Windows.

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Apatyka Servis - VAR, system house

Apatyka Servis, a supplier of software and hardware for pahrmacies in Czech and Slovakia is using the AP2000 in their shops. The All-in-One PCs are replacing the old point-of-sales terminals since the All-in-One machines have [...]

High School

In this high school in France, they are using the AP1920 in the classrooms so students can use them during the lessons. This MSI All-in-One PCs do not only save space, but are also very [...]

Equip Hotel / Virtual Regatta

At an exhibition in France, the AE2220 and AE2420 are being used at multiple stands. At the stand of Equip Hotel the All-in-One usage in hotel business is being displayed while visitors can build up [...]

Yacht Style

Yacht Style, known as the music longue bar & restaurant in Italy, has been famous for great music and relaxing dining atmosphere. They have chosen MSI All-in-One PC for the modern design to absolutely fit [...]
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Easy Memory upgrade

MSI All-in-One PC's with Easy Memory upgrade contain a removable panel for an easy system memory upgrade.

Linux supported

Linux is an open source operating system which can be improved and fixed by any developer with the required skills and willpower. This makes the MSI All-in-One PCs with the Linux operating system ideal for businesses that need the freedom of expansion and technological flexibility.

Military Class

The MSI All-in-One PC's with Military Class components have a longer life time even in the most challenging working environments. Thanks to the highest quality and most stable components like Super Ferrite Chokes, Solid caps and Hi-c Caps. These components provide unparalleled quality, extreme performance and superb efficiency. These Military Class components are officially certified according to the US Department of Defense component standards.

Power saving

Thanks to several energy-saving technologies unique to MSI, the MSI All-in-One PCs are able to provide overall energy savings of over 70% compared to a conventional desktop PC's. This not only saves your company a lot of money, but it's also good for the environment.
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