Bijou Brigitte

Bijou Brigitte

Bijou Brigitte is one of the biggest European jewelry and accessories label. They use the All-in-One as a cash register. The space-saving and stylish design makes sure the MSI Touch PCs fit perfectly in the [...]

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ORDISSIMO develop a new operating system based on Linux, that makes the computer more easy to use. For true beginners, young children or seniors, in a few seconds you can learn about sending mails, surfing [...]

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Suhkothai University

Suhkothai University

Providing an office working space for students in a classroom to work on the MSI Probox 130.

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MSI recommends Windows.

Reference projects

Stolzenau Gymnasium

In the secondary school Stolzenau nearby the German Hannover MSI touch PCs are used as digital bulletin board. With this teachers and students can easily check changes in the class schedule and new messages. So [...]


The orthodontic practice Mühlstädt - Dr. Behrens - Dr. Otto is equipped completely with MSI All-in-One touch PCs. Patients are already welcomed by two touch PCs in the lobby, used for making appointments and patient [...]

Abyat Furniture

With the MSI All-in-One PCs, the visitors of the largest home improvement store chain Abyat Furniture in Kuwait can view and select their favorite store articles, for fast and convenient shopping.

Fondazione Bergamo nella storia

La Fondazione Bergamo nella storia usa gli All-In-One MSI Serie Adora e l'MSI AP16 Flex per accompagnare i visitatori in alcuni tra i luoghi più suggestivi della città. In questo video è possibile scoprire la [...]
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VESA wall mount support

VESA wall mount compatibility ensures that the MSI All-in-One PC can be easily mounted to the wall, wherever you want. Thanks to this, the All-in-One PC is even more space saving.

2 COM ports

Convenient COM-port connectivity solution for connecting commercial applications to meet the business needs

Easy Memory upgrade

MSI All-in-One PC's with Easy Memory upgrade contain a removable panel for an easy system memory upgrade.


The MSI All-in-One PC's are bundles with useful professional software which you can use in your business. The latest All-in-One PC's also include MSI's Quick Fix software which helps you easily identify and fix any problems you may have.
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