The New Library

The New Library

Thanks to the MSI AE2220, customers from "The New Library" in Amsterdam (Netherlands) can find all the information they need about audio books. Next to information about authors and speakers, the customers can also search [...]

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Milan Games Week

Milan Games Week

MSI ha partecipato all'edizione 2015 di Games Week a Milano presentando un gran numero di device orientati al Gaming. Grande l'interesse per gli All-In-One Gaming. In molti hanno cercato senza successo un tower per poi [...]

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Un All-In-One Gaming Touch è usato in una super attrezzata sala di registrazione di Reggio Emilia, Cambusa. La testimonianza del suo proprietario ci ha reso orgogliosi.

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MSI recommends Windows.

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The MSI AE2400 is used in Paris, France at an Urban Wear clothing shop. Users can design their own logo, drawings or text on the All-in-One PC. After they are finished, the company Citadium will [...]


Awinta is market leader for the IT equipment of pharmacies in Germany and offers MSI All-in-One touch PCs as cash desk system. The AIO concept helps to save space in the sales area and the [...]


ORDIMEMO develop a specific software to help elderly people to use a computer. With the touch interface, they can easily read or send email, share pictures, organize their agenda, find information on internet, listen radios.


Using an All-in-One PC to show artistic works. The visitor can use the PC to get more information and details about exhibition.
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VESA wall mount support

VESA wall mount compatibility ensures that the MSI All-in-One PC can be easily mounted to the wall, wherever you want. Thanks to this, the All-in-One PC is even more space saving.

2 COM ports

Convenient COM-port connectivity solution for connecting commercial applications to meet the business needs

Linux supported

Linux is an open source operating system which can be improved and fixed by any developer with the required skills and willpower. This makes the MSI All-in-One PCs with the Linux operating system ideal for businesses that need the freedom of expansion and technological flexibility.


The MSI All-in-One PC's are bundles with useful professional software which you can use in your business. The latest All-in-One PC's also include MSI's Quick Fix software which helps you easily identify and fix any problems you may have.
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