At Rothballer Electronic Systems, the MSI touch PCs are part of orthopedic foot measurement systems which are used in shoe stores. Thanks to the compact and stylish design, the All-in-Ones are easily integrated into the [...]

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VIAF, Virtual Italian Air Forse, è costituita da una comunità di appassionati di volo virtuale che utilizza strumentazioni e software così precisi rispetto alla realtà da rappresentare il trampolino ideale per chi voglia cimentarsi poi [...]

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Expo 2015

Expo 2015

Expostory è una mostra che ha ripercorso tutte le edizioni dell'esposizione universale dal suo inizio, nel 1851 a Londra, fino al suo futuro, 2020 a Dubai. Il progetto si è svolto in diversi luoghi [...]

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MSI recommends Windows.

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At Agencity, an estate agency in France, the MSI AE2220 All-in-One PC is used to show what they offer. Thanks to the Touch-screen and MSI's Easy Viewer software it's possible to have interaction with the [...]


Gran Vía in Madrid is the most known street of Madrid; lots of theatres, shops and famous buildings are placed in this street. The security crew that monitors ZARA stores uses the MSI All-In-One PCs [...]


The orthodontic practice Mühlstädt - Dr. Behrens - Dr. Otto is equipped completely with MSI All-in-One touch PCs. Patients are already welcomed by two touch PCs in the lobby, used for making appointments and patient [...]


Elderly people's digital companion at Home who can take care of them for:
o Medical Cares: Like chronic condition that requires regular measurements of diabetes, hypertension...etc records for their house doctor.
o Communication: Mails, calendars, video conference [...]
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Anti-Glare panel

The latest All-in-One PC's are equipped with an Anti-Glare screen. This anti-glare function works effectively in a wide range of usage environments, from office buildings where glare can be a serious problem, to large retail outlets with bright lighting. Anti-glare function makes sure viewers can always see the content on the screen and so enhances the working efficiency.

Auto-Pivot design

The PIVOT stand offers a high degree of flexibility: the display pivots freely, it can be swiveled left or right, and the height and display angle can be adjusted easily. Thanks to the auto screen-rotation function the display can easily be set vertically. The image displayed on the screen automatically changes to the new display position, without needing to make manual adjustments. This feature is perfect for purposes like, artwork, design or reading large text files.

Two years warranty

The warranty period for MSI's All-in-One PC's in Europe is two years for the system and the screen. An additional 12 months extend warranty is available for the system (Please always double-check for your specific region).


The MSI All-in-One PC's are bundles with useful professional software which you can use in your business. The latest All-in-One PC's also include MSI's Quick Fix software which helps you easily identify and fix any problems you may have.
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