Kornpitack Suksa School

Kornpitack Suksa School

The Kornpitack Suska school in Bangkok, Thailand is using the MSI All-in-One PCs as main learning and education system for its students and teachers. By using the intuitive Wind Touch interface and school applications, the [...]

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Abyat Furniture

Abyat Furniture

With the MSI All-in-One PCs, the visitors of the largest home improvement store chain Abyat Furniture in Kuwait can view and select their favorite store articles, for fast and convenient shopping.

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Comune di Azzano San Paolo

Comune di Azzano San Paolo

I Lan party stanno aumentando in Italia. Migliaia di giocatori si sfidano ai moderni MOBA e a tanti altri games. Abbiamo seguito uno dei nostri rivenditori che ha organizzato il Summer Party della sua zona. [...]

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MSI recommends Windows.

Reference projects


The MSI AE2400 is used in Paris, France at an Urban Wear clothing shop. Users can design their own logo, drawings or text on the All-in-One PC. After they are finished, the company Citadium will [...]


At Schwanen Pharmacy in Germany, the MSI touch PCs are used at the checkout area. The All-in-One PC help to save space and the touch control is very easy to operate.


Awinta is market leader for the IT equipment of pharmacies in Germany and offers MSI All-in-One touch PCs as cash desk system. The AIO concept helps to save space in the sales area and the [...]


The orthodontic practice Mühlstädt - Dr. Behrens - Dr. Otto is equipped completely with MSI All-in-One touch PCs. Patients are already welcomed by two touch PCs in the lobby, used for making appointments and patient [...]
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Silent operation

The MSI All-in-One PCs have a very quiet operation for a comfortable working environment. Ideal for locations where communication with consumers is needed or where there should be as less background noise as possible.

Linux supported

Linux is an open source operating system which can be improved and fixed by any developer with the required skills and willpower. This makes the MSI All-in-One PCs with the Linux operating system ideal for businesses that need the freedom of expansion and technological flexibility.

Power saving

Thanks to several energy-saving technologies unique to MSI, the MSI All-in-One PCs are able to provide overall energy savings of over 70% compared to a conventional desktop PC's. This not only saves your company a lot of money, but it's also good for the environment.


The MSI All-in-One PC's are bundles with useful professional software which you can use in your business. The latest All-in-One PC's also include MSI's Quick Fix software which helps you easily identify and fix any problems you may have.
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