Elderly people's digital companion at Home who can take care of them for:
o Medical Cares: Like chronic condition that requires regular measurements of diabetes, hypertension...etc records for their house doctor.
o Communication: Mails, calendars, video conference [...]

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GrandStores(GS) Digital

GrandStores(GS) Digital

The user-friendly interface helps to efficiently work at the check-out counter.

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Un All-in-One Gaming può essere usato anche per scopi diversi da gioco. Eccolo alle prese con chi ne ha bisogno per migliorare la propria salute, in una clinica iper specializzata.

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MSI recommends Windows.

Reference projects

The New Library

Thanks to the MSI AE2220, customers from "The New Library" in Amsterdam (Netherlands) can find all the information they need about audio books. Next to information about authors and speakers, the customers can also search [...]


At Agencity, an estate agency in France, the MSI AE2220 All-in-One PC is used to show what they offer. Thanks to the Touch-screen and MSI's Easy Viewer software it's possible to have interaction with the [...]

Equip Hotel / Virtual Regatta

At an exhibition in France, the AE2220 and AE2420 are being used at multiple stands. At the stand of Equip Hotel the All-in-One usage in hotel business is being displayed while visitors can build up [...]

Hameediyah Restaurant

The MSI AP1622 is used as a POS terminal, with the touch screen it is easy to use as a POS system where visitors pay.
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VESA wall mount support

VESA wall mount compatibility ensures that the MSI All-in-One PC can be easily mounted to the wall, wherever you want. Thanks to this, the All-in-One PC is even more space saving.

Easy Memory upgrade

MSI All-in-One PC's with Easy Memory upgrade contain a removable panel for an easy system memory upgrade.

Space saving

MSI All-in-One series are eye-catching with their stylish and space saving designs. The design of the MSI All-in-Ones fits perfectly in your business where it will for sure attract people's attention with it slim body. A great benefit of All-in-One PCs is the integration of the display and computer in one product. This means you will not have the hassle of extra cables laying around in plain sight.

Power saving

Thanks to several energy-saving technologies unique to MSI, the MSI All-in-One PCs are able to provide overall energy savings of over 70% compared to a conventional desktop PC's. This not only saves your company a lot of money, but it's also good for the environment.
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